Your car suffered in a collision or accident by another driver? In accordance with the regulations and recommendations of the KNF (Financial Supervision Committee), you are entitled to a free courtesy car for the duration of your car repair according to the third party liability policy (MTPL, in Poland: “OC”).


Obtain the accident perpetrator’s statement with the description of the incident, as well as a police note, if it was summoned, write down the witness data.


Report damage to the Infoline of the Insurance Company, where the perpetrator of the event is insured in the scope of the third party liability policy.


Inform about the intention to use a free replacement car.


Contact us: fill in the form below, send an e-mail to, call the 24/7 infoline +48 585 588 588 or visit our branch.


We will give you full support, the car and settle with the Insurance Company.

You can order additional services or accessories for a period of rental, for your convinience.

Order a car from the third party liability policy. The data from the form will go to our Advisor, who will contact you immediately to establish the formalities and arrange details of the rental of a replacement car.