I have rented a car at Emotis many times, very good fleet, great people, highly recommended.

September 2018, Rafał (Katowice)

Service in Lublin at the highest level. Thanks to Mr. Jakub for professionalism. We have tried for the first time and we recommend it.

August 2018, Marzena (Lublin)

I used Emotis services twice and I am very happy: quick and easy way of booking, competitive prices (I checked 5 others), communication with their office was excellent - they matched my needs, I felt confident, they have new cars. I recommend this company!

July 2018, Paweł (Wroclaw)

I had the pleasure to rent a car in Wroclaw. Very friendly service, able to adapt to the needs of the demanding client. A very professional representative of the company when picking up and returning the car. Fast booking process and vehicle return. No hidden costs, clean cars and well prepared for rent.

May 2018, Paweł (Wroclaw)

I highly recommend, I’ve rented Peugeot which turned out to be a brand new one, it had only 1k km of mileage! Zero problems, very quick and professional service.

May 2018, Michał (Katowice)

A new company, I thought I would try and what a pleasant surprise - a new car, clean and substituted on time. Very nice service on the infoline. I recommend the company.

April 2018, Andrzej (Warsaw)

I use various rental companies on daily basis because I travel a lot around Poland. So far, I've tried a few and I was not satisfied with any of them. Always something wasn’t right, the car was poor, or some hidden additional costs or billing problems ... But I think I finally found what I was looking for. Emotis really "delivers" what is promised - quickly, professionally and without unnecessary formalities. I highly recommend.

March 2018, Krzysztof (Ożarów)

I needed a car ASAP and a friend recommended Emotis. At the beginning I was carefull because the new is not always better, but now I can fully recommend the company. Although they have been operating recently, they have a large selection of cars and most importantly I got exactly what I ordered, on time and with very nice service. They saved my life.

March 2018, Małgorzata (Cracow)