Definitions and rental terms

Who is the lessee and who is the user?

The lessee is a private person or entity (company) represented by the person signing lease contract. The user is the same or another person (or persons) to whom the lessee transfers the Emotis car to use.

What documents are required?

Short-term rental requires ID with photo, driving license valid for the whole period of planned rental. In individual cases, we may ask for your consent to verify the Customer in the economic information database. Our employee will ask for permission to inspect the documents to confirm the identity of the user. Documents necessary to conclude a medium-term and long-term rental contract and a user's identity document (including a valid driving license).

Are there mileage limits during the rental

In short-term rental you can choose: cheaper service assuming a limit of 200 km per day or a bit more expensive, but without a limit. Do not be afraid of exceeding the limit if you chose this option. You know in advance the fee per kilometer when exceeding the limit.

What hours does Emotis work?

We are available 24/7 (Infoline +48 585 588 588, Technical hotline +48 585 588 111, Emotis branches are available during business hours available here: Branches.


What discounts and promotions are available to me?

Constant promotions are available for current and future Emotis customers on the website, in social media, and also sent by email. Remember to give consent to the sending of the Newsletter, commercial Information, otherwise we can’t reach you with good information. This can be done during the reservation process (in the last step) or by adding your data in the Newsletter form. You will receive an additional discount for making online payments. The promotional offer may vary for individual branches, therefore we encourage you to configure the offer in the booking system.

How to add yourself to the mailing database?

This can be done during the reservation process (in the last step) or by adding your data in the Newsletter form.

How to use the car rental promotion?

Depending on the form of promotion, we use promotions available on the website in the Special offers section, as well as discount codes and dedicated offers available in our promotional campaigns addressed to recipients of mailings. It is also worth following our social media: Facebook Emotisrental, Linkedin, Twitter.


How can I book a car?

Reservation can be made through the online booking system (, email (, telephone (polish infoline 24/7 +48 585 588 588), online chat or in the Emotis branch (list available at

Is making a reservation and online payment is unequivocal to its confirmation?

After completing the online order, we send a confirmation of this fact by email. However, we finally confirm the reservation with another email (sometimes after telephone contact) after matching the car from our fleet to the order. If you want to get confirmation even faster, contact our infoline +48 585 588 588.

When can I book a car?

The reservation system allows you to specify any date of booking, minimum 12 hours before the planned rental. If you want to rent a car faster, contact our infoline +48 585 588 588. It is worth to use promotions that often also apply to future reservations.


How will I pay for the services?

You will pay for the rental online (when booking online, you will receive an additional discount!) or when picking up of the car in cash or by a card payment (our employee will be using the terminal), as well as BLIK. You can pay the deposit online or with a card at the terminal when picking up the car.

How can I pay for services / options during the rental?

If during the rental you order additional services (eg travel abroad, rental extension, rental of accessories), you can pay the fee remotely by credit card (providing data) or we will generate for you an online payment link, which we will send by text or email.

What payment cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

In what currency do you accept the payment?

We accept payment in Polish zloty or foreign currency (only on the payment terminal).

How quickly is the contract settled after completion?

If we did not find any damage, the fuel level corresponded to that of the pick-up of the car, we assume that the contract is settled. We return the deposit immediately by releasing the pre-authorization on the payment terminal. Then your bank releases the lock on the card usually within 7 days. If there are additional costs, you will pay them on return. If the damage to the car or deficiencies in the equipment require the valuation of repair or purchase of equipment items, we will do it at the shortest possible time, usually within 3 hours. We will do it so that you avoid unnecessary waiting and stress. Transparently. Good emotions above all.

What is the deposit for?

The deposit is a security for payment for possible damage, own contribution. It is returned immediately after return of the car and settlement of the contract.


What additional services can I order?

Substitution and pickup from any (fixed) place in the city or outside the city, travel abroad, additional driver, security packages (Gold and Platinum - reducing own contribution and deposit), full tank (we will substitute the car with a full tank, and return with any amount of fuel), hiring a driver.

What additional equipment can I choose?

Child seats and pads, navigation, snow chains and more. You can order accessories by email at, at the infoline +48 585 588 588, or in the branch, also during the rental period.

Can I order services or accessories during the rental?

Yes, most of the services and accessories you can order during the contract. You can do it by email at, at the infoline +48 585 588 588 or at the Emotis branch. The only exception are Security Packages reducing own contribution in damage. You will pay you for the ordered services by credit card (also remotely) or we will generate for you an online payment link and send you by text or email.


Where can I pick up the car?

You can pick up the car from our branch, but we can also place a car at the address indicated in the city of our branch, or outside the city. You will learn the cost of placing the car by calculating the offer online, by phone, by e-mail or by chat.

Where can I return my car?

You can return the car in the our branch (list of our branches), but we can also pick up your car at an agreed address in the city of our branch, or outside the city. You can learn the cost of pick-up outside the office by calculating the offer online or by phone, by e-mail or by chat. If during the rental you want to change the place of return, please contact the infoline +48 585 588 588.

How does a car return to Emotis look like?

At the agreed time and place, our employee will look at the car with you. In the case of any damage or missing items in the equipment, such information will be added to the report and our employee will take pictures. You will sign the protocol on the tablet and you will receive the file with photos by email. Good emotions above all.

Can I extend my rental?

Yes, it is usually possible to use your car longer. However, it is necessary to obtain a permit to extend the rental and pay for this period. In order to extend the contract, please contact us by e-mail ( or via the infoline +48 585 588 588, and our Advisor will confirm the extension and the price for renting. You can pay the fee remotely by credit card (providing data) or we will generate for you an online payment link, which we will send via SMS or email.

Can I return a car at another branch of Emotis or another city?

Yes, it is possible to return in another branch of Emotis or in another city. You can learn the cost of the service by calculating the rental online or by contacting our 24/7 infoline +48 585 588 588

Will you remind me about the return of the car?

Yes, our system sends a reminder email 12 hours before the return time. However, we advise you to save the date on the calendar. The next client is waiting for the implementation of his plans.

How do I prepare the car for return?

Wash the car and fill it up to the state from the time of pickup. Do not worry if you run out of time (you can pay for the service when returning the car). Good emotions above all.

With what fuel level will I pick up and return the car?

Emotis cars in short-term rental are fueled at 100% (except for exceptional cases). The fuel level is recorded on the pick-up report so that you can have this information on the return. You can return the car with the same level you have received or less. We will settle this difference and we will fuel for you. Good emotions above all. When reserving a car, you can also order the option Full tank. We will substitute a fully fueled car (100% baku) and you will return it with any fuel level in the tank.


What are the insurance terms?

The insurance conditions are described by OWU Auto Casco and the General Term and Conditions of renting together. In the event of discrepancies, the provisions of the Rental Regulations apply.

What are the main exclusions from insurance?

The most important exclusions from the Auto Casco insurance (regardless of the purchased Security Package), for which the lessee is responsible without restrictions, are:

  • damage due to driving under the influence of alcohol or forbidden substances
  • no keys or registration certificate (in the case of theft damage)
  • burning up or damage to the upholstery
  • refueling the wrong fuel
  • tire damage

What are the own contribution in Emotis?

The own contribution to damages is indicated in the offer available on our website and varies depending on the car segment. Ultimately, it is confirmed in your rental agreement. The basic own contribution refers to any damage that occurs during the rental period (these are the principles commonly used by Insurance Companies), and the reduction may concern the first damage during the rental period.

How can I reduce my own contribution to damage?

We offer 3 security packages. Silver Package (basic own contribution), Gold Package and Platinum Package (decreasing own contribution). The reduction of own contribution applies to the first damage during the rental period. You can order them together with the rental service (only before the start of the contract). After the Package is ordered, the final own contribution is confirmed in the rental agreement.

What is the scope of insurance?

Emotis cars are insured in the scope of OC and Auto Casco (damage caused by the user's fault or in the absence of the perpetrator). The insurance conditions are described by OWU Auto Casco and the General Term and Conditions of renting together. In the event of discrepancies, the provisions of the Rental Regulations apply.

How do you care about my safety?

We give you a serviced and safe car on seasonal tires - ready for the road. Each car is equipped with Bluetooth and a phone holder (although we encourage you to not use your phone while driving).

Where to report the damage?

Contact our 24/7 technical infoline +48 585 588 111 or write at, our Advisor will review the situation and accept the application.

Where can I get help in the event of a collision or road accident?

Contact our 24/7 technical infoline +48 585 588 111 and follow the instructions provided. If there are people injured in the incident, call immediately at 112.


How to care for the condition of the car>

You do not have to be a specialist, but for the safety of yourself and other road users, take care of the car rented, as for your own. If you notice anything disturbing, or you can not assess a technical issue, contact the 24/7 technical infoline +48 585 588 111. For daily service, check the status of lights, fluids, tires, respond to the lights, check the condition of the equipment. More information: Rental Regulations.

What can’t I do?

Please, do not tow other vehicles with rented car; do not exceed the permitted load capacity, do not smoke tobacco and electronic cigarettes in the car, do not make any alterations in the car, do not transport animals. More information: Rental Regulations.

How it's working? Where will I get technical support?

Contact the 24/7 technical infoline +48 585 588 111. We are happy to help you.

Where can I find the car's operating instructions?

The car's service and maintenance manual can be found on the website of a given manufacturer or on generally available internet resources. Full details of the model, version and VIN of the car can be found in the registration certificate.

Can I travel abroad?

A trip outside RP is possible only after obtaining the consent of Emotis and paying for the "Departure abroad" option. To order this option online, select it on the Extras and Options tab. If you order a car by phone or branch, ask to include this option in the contract. You can also rent this option during the rental. To do this, contact the infoline, write an e-mail or visit our branch. You will pay for the service in the branch, online (we will generate a link for online payment for you and send it via SMS or email), or by phone using a credit card.